First Project

We've decided to start our first writing project to get us fanfiction motivated and it's bleach. We put 50 something names in a hat and picked out two at a time. We then picked from the pairs and have to write a story including those two characters. There will be romance, death, and comedy and even some that we have no clue how we are gonna do.

Two things of note. Rukia is not in any of these pairings. The reason being that after the Soul Society arc we hate her and Hinamori. Hinamori is killed multiple times and out of respect for Rukia in the beginning we didn't do that to her. Also Ochi-sensei is a Shinagami in our fics.

We ended up with ten lists, the last of which we made a relationships list. We'll give you each list when we start them and link the stories to the list they correspond to.

List Number 1Collapse )
Let the fics begin.