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Yay first one!

Pairing: Kyouraku Shunsui/Urahara Kisuke
Title: Graduation Surprise
Warnings: Here be yaoi.

Shunsui sighed as he scanned the small get together and wondered what he had gotten himself into. There was sake everywhere. Usually he enjoyed drinking, but the room was full of recent Soul Society graduates and he had to wonder if he was this immature and voyeuristic back then. Shunsui was not a prude but having sex in the hallways of someone else’s house was a little much.

Picking his way through the mass of bodies, many of whom were in various states of undress, he found the person who invited him.

“I thought this was supposed to be a small get together of friends with a little drinking?”

Rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment, Urahara smiled. “Well you see I think I invited the wrong people. There are people here that I don’t even know and I’m quite popular if I do say so myself.”

Sighing Shunsui looked around. “Is there at least somewhere we could go that would be a little quieter.” The moaning seemed to fill the room after that and Urahara gestured for the older man to follow. They ended up in a back room which seem to be some type of storage space.

Sighing and pulling some sake off the shelf, Shunsui sat down. “This is more like it.”

Urahara nodded and to further block out the noise he began playing a shamisen* he’d pulled from the corner. Allowing the music to wash over him Shunsui sat back and poured them both some sake. “So I’m guessing that the majority of those people out there are recent graduates?”

Urahara nodded, “I think I probably should have told them it was a close friends only party. It kinda got out of control.”

“I’m kinda glad now that Ukitake didn’t come. He’d have cleared the place out and lectured you for hours.” Shunsui smirked.

“Yeah, yeah just pass me the drink and let me celebrate my freedom.” With that Urahara began to down the drinks. Not one to be outdone Shunsui kept up.

About an hour and several bottles of sake later Urahara was ready to call it quits. His vision was messed up and his mind wasn’t able to form coherent words. Shunsui wasn’t doing much better and lay next to the young genius a smile plastered on his face. Laying down himself Urahara let blackness claim him.

* * *

Urahara awoke to a blinding pain. His head felt like he’d been hit with a dose of particularly bad spirit magic and his ass hadn’t been that sore since Yoruichi had decided that using a technique she called thousand years of pain on him would be funny. Snuggling into the warmth at his back he tried to ignore the pain and drift back to sleep when he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Reaching a hand to the warm weight across his side he found an arm. A very masculine arm. Knowing that a human body was pressed up against him it suddenly made sense why his ass hurt and the thought struck him to the core. Who had he been with last night again?

His fuzzy brain pulled the name Shunsui from the confusing mess and shortly after another name came as well. Ukitake. If he’d had sex with Shunsui there was going to be some serious hell to pay. Kind, mild-mannered Ukitake could tear someone apart when he had the mind to.

Shifting around and praying it wasn’t Shunsui he was sorely disappointed. The older shinigami lay naked across a makeshift bed of their clothes. Suddenly he groaned and shifted closer to Urahara. “Mmmmm… I have a hell of a hang over Take.”

Urahara shifted uncomfortably. “Ummm… not Ukitake here.”

Shunsui’s eyes flew open with a look of horror. Glancing at the naked figure in front of him he gulped. “We didn’t?’

“Yeah we did.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. I’ll be walking funny for a while.”

Shunsui bolted up and collected his clothes. “This never happened right?”

Urahara nodded to dumbfounded to speak. With that Shunsui bolted. Laying back Urahara rested a hand over his eyes. That was not the graduation he had expected.
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